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Riding toward a greener future
SmooSat is devoted to taking you on a safe commute, not only outdoors, but also toward a world that is greener and a future that thrives in sustainability.
Here is what SmooSat is doing to be more sustainable. Researchers reported, “Riding an electric scooter generates no exhaust fumes since it is solely powered by an electric motor. This means you are contributing zero air pollution to your city when you kick off and go, and you are recharging your e-scooter with energy that is more carbon-neutral than petrol or diesel.”As a proponent of science and engineering in the industry, SmooSat wholeheartedly agrees and is playing its role in a manifold of ways.
Second-life Batteries at the Local Plant
Since December 2021, our plant has transformed digital and intelligent efficiency management at multiple levels, including curating an industrial park, plant, workshop, production line, equipment selection, and establishing tens of electricity meter collection stations.
When the batteries of scooters need to be replaced, our factories are asked to recycle them via local programs. All working cells are up-cycled in large capacity power-banks. Recycling these materials, naturally reduces the need to mine more raw materials from the earth. As such, SmooSat has inherently built sustainability into its production and support processes.
Sustainable Packaging at the Source
To reduce plastic waste, we at SmooSat work with local suppliers to eliminate single-use materials in packaging. Bubble wrap was replaced with a paper-based alternative. We are investing in new ways to package our products. Our design department reworked the packaging design using state-of-the-art sustainable workflows with more bio-degradable material, plant-based paper, and recyclable manufacturing meta-materials.
Where packaging cannot be eliminated, we are encouraging consumers to reuse the package for household storage, as an alternative for a pet house, or promoting DIY projects.
Go Green with SmooSat
Green is our gene. We inspire many green ideas in our work and life. 60% of our employees are encouraged to work with e-bicycles and e-scooters. We literally are practicing what we preach. We conservatively use air-conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, and printing equipment to reduce energy consumption.
Our Pledge and Closing Thoughts
By 2030, SmooSat will comprehensively implement paperless office and efficient transportation initiatives including green energy vehicles, effectively getting through "the last kilometer" of smart transportation.