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SmooSatCare: "Ride Your Green Style" Sustainability Brand Story

SmooSatCare: "Ride Your Green Style" Sustainability Brand Story

To achieve the imperative target of ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly planet, SmooSat is committed to being the trailblazers in delivering not only the best electric scooters but also creating a green sustainable future for you and the future generation. Harvard Business Review wrote, "Much research has focused on public interventions by policymakers—but the findings can be harnessed by any organization that wishes to nudge consumers toward sustainable purchasing and behavior." – and we at SmooSat, are working towards making it a reality. By curating plants that are energy efficient - implementing eco-friendly production practices like using bio-degradable material instead of plastic, going with fully eco-friendly packaging, and adopting electric vehicles and scooters by over half of our employees, SmooSat is contributing in a myriad of ways towards a greener and sustainable future from its very core. A summary of our initiatives is as follows.

SmooSatCare: "Ride Your Green Style" Sustainability Brand Story

Second-life Batteries at the Local Plant

SmooSatCare: We are all connected through our ocean. #OceanDay

Since December 2021, our plant has transformed digital and intelligent efficiency management at multiple levels, including curating an industrial park, plant, workshop, production line, equipment selection, and establishing tens of electricity meter collection stations.

When the batteries of scooters need to be replaced, our factories are asked to recycle them via local programs. All working cells are up-cycled in large capacity power-banks. Recycling these materials, naturally reduces the need to mine more raw materials from the earth. As such, SmooSat has inherently built sustainability into its production and support processes.

Sustainable Packaging at the Source

SmooSatCare: Sustainable Packaging at the Source

To reduce plastic waste, we at SmooSat work with local suppliers to eliminate single-use materials in packaging. Bubble wrap was replaced with a paper-based alternative. We are investing in new ways to package our products. Our design department reworked the packaging design using state-of-the-art sustainable workflows with more bio-degradable material, plant-based paper, and recyclable manufacturing meta-materials.

Where packaging cannot be eliminated, we are encouraging consumers to reuse the package for household storage, as an alternative for a pet house, or promoting DIY projects.

Go Green with SmooSat

SmooSatCare: Say NO To Plastic #InternationalPlasticFreeDay

Green is our gene. We inspire many green ideas in our work and life. 60% of our employees are encouraged to work with e-bicycles and e-scooters. We literally are practicing what we preach. We conservatively use air-conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, and printing equipment to reduce energy consumption.

Our Pledge and Closing Thoughts

SmooSatCare: Say NO To Plastic #InternationalPlasticFreeDay

By 2030, SmooSat will comprehensively implement paperless office and efficient transportation initiatives including green energy vehicles, effectively getting through "the last kilometer" of smart transportation.

As a proponent of sustainable science and engineering in the industry, SmooSat wholeheartedly calls upon every entity in both the consumer and production arena to join us in the sustainability movement. We must remind ourselves that what we do here and now will play a pivotal role in how the future is shaped. This can be done by incentivizing sustainable practices by employees and stakeholders, or if you are part of middle-management, it is crucial to convey this message and the importance of it to the corporate leaders because there is simply no way to ignore the importance of sustainability. A major proof is how employees at SmooSat now either use electric scooters or EVs their majority. It does not always need an explicit corporate social responsibility mandate because CSR is mandatory. Rather a tiny reminder of personal responsibility for the future has made a major transformation in our case. Thus, we believe every entity has the potential to make an impactful difference. The very essence of our being is to leave a better Earth for future generations. That is why it is crucial that we all prioritize sustainability over other factors and join together to build the best future we can offer to our children. 

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