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Be your own woman, ride with your own style! #SheSmooSat | SmooSat International Women's Day Campaign 2023

Be your own woman, ride with your own style! #SheSmooSat | SmooSat International Women's Day Campaign 2023

“One is not born a woman but becomes one.” – Simone de Beauvoir
This Women’s Day, SmooSat celebrates the achievement of being a woman - the splendor, the glory, and the elegance that is ingrained in womanhood. Today, we not only acknowledge but celebrate our daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, and everyone with that feminine touch that has nurtured our lives. More than anyone, as per our mission, we emphasize the generations that come, we celebrate our daughters before all. 

The constant companion from the playground to the alter

One fine morning with as grandeur of the sun shining through the window you see your baby daughter wake up with a brighter ray of a smile. The smile that changed your life forever. From the crib that day, to the first day of school, from the school to that bittersweet moment of leaving her at the dorm in her college, your heart fills up with serenity as she grows up to become the finest young lady you always imagined her to be. From the nagging for toys to the demand for a car in her sweet sixteen at school, and the poignant moment to be with her on the alter, one thing remained constant. She held onto her scooter during the whole time from being a child to her prime adulthood playfully unaware of the realities of friendship surrounding her, with joyful laughter that immersed her spirits. The SmooSat scooter you bought her defines a place in her heart as does yours. It is the symbol that remained as a perpetual bond from her 8-year birthday till the day she had her own daughter. Through generations of womanhood, we endure, we inspire! 

Womanhood is not free - it is learned

The day the young one, precious child, the daughter walks up into the school holding the parent’s hands, is a new beginning of a prolific journey. It is during the time of education – be that high school or college, is when a girl blooms into a woman. This is the most crucial time in every woman’s life that paves the way for every future accolade. Know that you are beautiful, and your beauty is not only in your attire, rather it is intrinsic. Real beauty lies in your heart. Growing up, the purest of hearts blossom into the purest of women. So, do not be affected by the pitfall of outward beauty, the chase of what is trending, rather set concrete goals for your future during this precious period. Beauty accompanies your identity when you know who you are. Follow your heart and find what you love to do. Be persistent, and never give in to peer pressure. You be you! As Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” After you have set your directions in a productive way, beauty will surround you, sing your praises, and will guide you to your success from school into the real world.  

Be your own woman, ride with your own style

Once you finish school and enter the real world, many new challenges arise. But they are no match for your grace, your elegance, your spirit. Whichever sector you choose to pursue, be your own person. Do not be a follower, always be a leader like our vision at SmooSat. This is your time. Own it! Not everything will be a bed of roses, but you will know to face every challenge and ace them all. If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one. It's your life, paint it in your own color - just like we do at SmooSat.

Bask in Her Glory

Think for yourself. ALOUD.

When it comes to growth, self-development, and cognitive progress, SmooSat’s mission is gender agnostic. In fact, with a major female workforce catering to a major feminine scooting base, we have created a synergistic environment where men and women not only complement each other but the harmony gives life to novel ideas, and newer technologies, as is vividly omnipresent in our lines of scooters for everyone. When we say everyone, we forego the notion of pronouns and welcome an inclusive culture above all else.

Color your life, ride your own way!

Just like our brand culture, SmooSat makes way to inspire and engineer marvels for young women to adopt healthy and eco-friendly mobility. One important aspect we always keep in mind is our pink scooters are not just for girls and the blue are not for boys – rather both are for both of our beloved children. As a core value, we empower ourselves and our supporters to let go of all stereotypes and embrace everyone for who they are in their own beautiful ways. So, if the path seems rough, pave your own; it’s your life, color it the way you, please. Your answer to ONLY yourself. 

Think like a queen. A queen makes it happen!

#SheSmooSat acknowledges your grace and individuality while paving the path to a productive, healthy, wholesome, and happy life.

She is more than her face – she is what she does, believes, and delivers.

We inspire her dynamic passion and enable it.

She is the conduit of all that is positive and graceful.

More than a Gift

Pave the way towards a wonderful future for her with SmooSat

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