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Why is the Suspension of Electric Scooters so important that you need it?

Why is the Suspension of Electric Scooters so important that you need it? - SmooSat

The electric scooter suspension is one of the most important, but often overlooked, parts of the vehicle. It is responsible for keeping you safe and comfortable while you ride, so it’s important to understand the utility, quality, and maintenance aspects of it. Here, we at SmooSat with our significant experience in designing e-scooters for all ages will discuss what the electric scooter suspension is, why it is so important, as well as the different types and how to maintain them. 

What is Suspension of Electric Scooters?

The suspension is part of an electric scooter that connects it to the ground. The purpose of this part is not only to keep you safe and comfortable but also to allow for a smooth ride over rough terrain (e.g., our SmooSat MAX and its suspension system are particularly notable for handling rough terrain). This feature enhances the scooter's ability to absorb shocks on an uneven road while improving traction, stability, and balance. For the electric scooter suspension, the front and rear wheels are supported by the suspension mechanism, enhancing handling and making the scooter safer to ride. The type of suspension system used depends on where you are going and how fast will be traveled at any given time during your trip. In simple terms, the goal of suspension for an electric scooter is to take the impact of the friction between the road surface and the wheel. This ensures a smoother ride, so the rider is comfortable and won't lose control when riding. The electric scooter suspension is a commendable innovation in the design of scooters. It opens up riders to a new class of scooters that are more reliable and adaptable to different surfaces. 

Why is Suspension of Electric Scooters so Important?

There are a few reasons why you need suspension on your electric scooter – making it one of the most important components of the vehicle. To give a bit of context, electric scooters have very small wheels, which means that every time you hit a bump or pothole on the road, or when you ride on uneven ground, your whole body will feel all those bumps. This can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous in some situations. A good suspension system will minimize the impact of obstacles by dampening them so that they are not transferred to your body.

· Safety: The first reason is safety. Without proper suspension, the ride can be very bumpy and jarring, which can lead to injuries in the event of a fall or crash. 

· Lifespan and Damage Control:  The suspensions’ fundamental purpose is to absorb high energy impacts which would damage (eventually) the chassis or the electronics gear in the scoot. Next is to keep the wheels in the best contact with the ground.

· Comfort: An extremely important reason they are desirable is comfort. A good suspension system will keep you comfortable even when traveling over rough terrain. Finally, the last reason is to allow for smoother riding at higher speeds since it reduces vibration caused by bumps in the road surface.

· Quality construction: Suspension electric scooters are typically made of high-quality materials and components, resulting in more excellent durability and improved ride quality.

Do All Electric Scooters come with Suspension?

Depending on the make model and quality, your electric scooter will come with a suspension system that will significantly improve the ride quality on different terrain as is the case for our adult line of eclectic scooters at SmooSat (notable the SA3 Prime and the MAX). It is important to note that not all electric scooters come with suspension. Also, if you value excellent ride quality, it is advisable not to get an electric scooter that comes with airless tires and doesn’t have a suspension system. The ride quality won’t be as enjoyable. Another factor that may improve the quality of your ride is having the right e-scooter weight. 

Types of the Suspension of Electric Scooters

There are primarily three types of suspensions used in electric scooters as elaborated below.

· Spring Suspension: Spring suspension systems are the most common type of electric scooter suspension. They use metal coils or springs to absorb shocks and keep the ride smooth. They are usually found on versatile electric scooters.

· Hydraulic Suspension: Hydraulic suspension systems are a bit more expensive than spring suspensions. However, one should note that diminishing returns kick in really fast. They work by using hydraulic fluid to dampen shocks, which means that the impact of bumps is reduced before it percolates up. 

· Rubber Suspension: Rubber suspension uses rubber bands to absorb shocks. They are similar in their effect to the spring suspension, but they are much lighter and more compact, so they do not add a lot of weight or bulkiness to your scooter. However, they can be quite uncomfortable on bumpy roads because it is difficult to adjust them to absorb shocks of different intensities.

What are the Suspension of Electric Scooters Made of?

Compared to an automobile, the e-scooter suspension system is not complex or hard to understand, although it may be different on an electric unicycle vs a scooter. Its workings are much more straightforward than motorcycles, cars, or snowmobiles. The following are the main components of an electric scooter suspension system:
· Preload: It raises the e-scooter suspension keeping it near the top of its travel.· Springs/Coil – Travels up and down, making it possible for the rider to feel less shock when riding. Its primary function is to set the ride height, hold the rider’s weight, and reduce the impact of the e-scooter when getting out of a bump.· Shock – This component controls the movement of the coil/spring, keeping the e-scooter wheels on the ground.· Limiter Straps – This component helps limit the impact of the shocks.

Rear vs Front Suspension of Electric Scooters – Which is More Important?

Front suspension is always more important because it keeps the front wheel from bouncing too much and potentially throwing you off your scooter. Our flagship adult scooter – SmooSat MAX is engineered with dual front suspension exactly for this reason combining every aspect of the previous section. The rear suspension can also be quite useful for absorbing shocks, but most riders don’t notice its effect as much as they do with front suspension. If you are on a tight budget, then we recommend that you get the best front suspension you can afford and then get a rear suspension if you have some money left over.

How to Maintain and Adjust the Suspension of Electric Scooters?

· Maintenance: The suspension system on an electric scooter does not require much maintenance. If you have a spring or rubber suspension, then all you need to do is make sure that the screws are adjusted correctly and tightened enough so that they won’t come loose while riding. If your electric scooter has hydraulic suspension, then it will likely have oil inside the suspension tubes that need to be changed every now and then. However, this is not a DIY job and will require taking your scooter to a mechanic or electric scooter specialist.

· Adjustment: To adjust the suspension on your electric scooter, you must understand how it works. You must also have the right equipment and skill to do this safely. If you have a spring or rubber suspension system, then the chances are that there will be a screw at the bottom of each wheel that can be turned to adjust its tightness and dampening. If you have a hydraulic suspension, it may be a bit more complicated as there might not be any screws or bolts. At this point, the wise choice would be to take the scooter to a mechanic to get it serviced. Whatever type of suspension you encounter, make sure that you exercise great caution when adjusting. Don't hesitate to seek help when confused about how to do it.

Parting Thoughts on Why You Should opt for One with Suspension of Electric Scooters

Choosing an e-scooter with or without a suspension depends on your commuting needs. If your route includes hill climbs, rough roads, and uneven paths, an e-scooter with suspension will provide a better riding experience like our SmooSat MAX. Moreover, if you find it expensive to buy an e-scooter with suspension, the next best option is to buy an e-scooter with good pneumatic or air-filled tires like our highly acclaimed SmooSat SA3 adult scooter (which is also equipped with the MAX). These types of tires also help cushion your rides and make them smoother and more comfortable.  

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