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11 Must-See Tips To Protect Your Electric Scooter Battery

11 Must-See Tips To Protect Your Electric Scooter Battery

As sustainability proponents with years of experience with electric scooters, we have the proficiencies with every facet of its technology. Though they are convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, the battery is one of the main concerns for owners. Protecting your scooter battery from harm and premature wear is crucial if you want it to last as long as possible. We’ll cover the best advice for safeguarding and extending the life of your scooter battery in this blog.

Top electric scooter battery protection tips

    - Avoid overcharging and completely discharging

    - Cooling is essential for batteries

    - Use the original charger or a manufacturer-recommended one

    - Routine maintenance is key

    - Do not go beyond the weight limit

Top storage tips for the best battery life

    - Inspection

    - Cleaning

    - Lube the moving parts

    - Tire protection

    - Battery preparation

    - Picking the right spot

Our recommendation for the best electric scooter with the highest battery robustness

Concluding remarks

Top electric scooter battery protection tips

Avoid overcharging and completely discharging

Indeed, you would want to recharge your battery when it is low. However, please watch it while it charges until the battery is full. Then, unplug it. Many people frequently leave their batteries plugged in overnight, which is hazardous for the battery’s health because it’s prone to overcharging. Look for smart chargers to control or trickle charge your electric scooter battery to prevent overcharging. Smart chargers feature many charging modes; some turn off the power source automatically when your battery is full. When your battery is nearing complete, specific devices may switch to a mode that gently recharges it. To learn about the engineering behind electric scooter batteries, please read our blog - All you need to know about electric scooter battery specifications, replacement, and more.

Cooling is essential for batteries

A heated climate or high temperatures are hazardous for your scooter’s battery. It would be best to store your scooter in a covered area with less heat because heat builds up while you use the scooter. It would be best if you emphasized parking your scooter in a dry, cool spot and charging it when it is about room temperature. It harms your battery to charge your scooter immediately after use or in warm weather since it generates more heat. You can only charge it immediately after use if the temperature is low enough. Water cannot harm a battery when it comes into contact with it in a dry location. So, always do the cooling in a dry spot.

Use the original charger or a manufacturer-recommended one

The charger included with the electric scooter or battery is the stock charger. Your go-to charger for charging the battery in your electric scooter should be this one. Avoid using counterfeit chargers at all costs. Use only the charger in your package and buy replacement chargers from authorized retailers. A faulty, ineffective, or improper charger can harm your scooter and shorten the life of your battery. If you require a new battery, ask for the manufacturer’s original charger to go with your new battery.

Routine maintenance is key

Make sure your battery is clean by checking it regularly. To prevent leaking, you must keep all battery components dry and clean. Examine the battery’s joints, terminals, linked wires, and exterior components for your standard cleaning. When it’s dirty, use dry rags to clean the terminals, removing oxides, metal shavings, and other grime. If your battery suffers harm from debris and metal oxides, remove them as part of your regular maintenance. Never use a high-pressure washer or an organic solvent on your scooter battery; doing so will harm it. Instead, ensure water stays away from your battery, the terminals, and any connecting components while you clean.

Do not go beyond the weight limit

A scooter’s battery can experience unnecessary strain from overloading, which hastens the battery’s deterioration. Verify the weight capacity of your scooter and abstain from carrying more than advised by the manufacturer.

Top storage tips for the best battery life

Battery lifespan and storage go hand in hand as electric scooters often spend seasons being stored away due to winter or harsh weather. Here are our step-by-step storage tips for the best battery upkeep.


The first thing to do is inspect the e-scooter to look for any issues that could arise later. Examine the scooter’s surroundings for problems, including dents, scrapes, rust, and cracks. Observe the e-scooter keenly and search for any potential issues.


Next, you should clean the e-scooter to remove any dirt or water that might lead to corrosion while being stored. When storing the e-scooter, water or any other corrosive substance could harm the electronics in addition to causing rust. As a result, your electric scooter must be pristine before storing it.


After carefully cleaning your e-scooter, the following step is to dry it. Water can harm electronic components and cause corrosion, as was already mentioned. Your electric scooter can be dried off using a hairdryer or by simply leaving it outside in the sun for a day.

Lube the moving parts

The following step is to lubricate the mechanical components of your e-scooter once it has been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and waxed. The movable mechanical parts, such as the wheel axle, brake discs, footrest deck, folding mechanism, and rubber connectors, including plugs and seals, can all be lubricated using any silicone bicycle spray. By lubricating these components, corrosion and the development of tiny cracks that could harm the moving parts will be avoided.

Tire protection

To prevent the formation of cracks on the tire and maintain the quality of the rubber, you need to coat the tires with silicone grease or automobile blackener. Furthermore, the wheels must be inflated or deflated depending on how you will store the electric scooter. You should deflate the wheels to half the manufacturer’s recommended value if you plan to hang the scooter or fold it and store it in your closet. On the other hand, you must leave the wheels inflated to the maximum recommended pressure if the scooter is stored standing up on the floor.

Battery preparation

This step is crucial for longevity. It would be best to appropriately store the battery over the seasons of inactivity to avoid damage that could result in a reduced range the following season. To prevent an irreversible depth discharge of the battery, you should charge the battery between 50 and 70 percent before storage and recharge to that level at least once a month. This phenomenon implies that you must monitor the battery level when storing your scooter. Ideally, storing the battery at a temperature between 60 and 80 °F would be best. If the battery in your e-scooter isn’t removable, it needs to be at room temperature.

Pick a suitable place and store it

After completing the abovementioned tasks, it’s time to set up your e-scooter for storage. Please turn off the electric scooter, fold it, and lock it using internal and external safety mechanisms. After that, cover it with a breathable, water-resistant covering. Keep it dry, clean, and away from moisture. Ideally, keep it at room temperature so it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Our recommendation for the best electric scooter with the highest battery robustness

As you can see in the previous sections, there are several minute things to consider for the best battery experience. What if your battery didn’t need that amount of care and received more than half a decade of support? To facilitate this, the flagship scooter from SmooSat – the MAX, comes in.

The MAX is SmooSat’s no-compromise balls-to-the-walls giant. The MAX does not hold back as an epitome of our engineering competence. A perfect companion for any terrain or harsh weather for the riders on the fast lane – both individually and in bands of riders, rejoice in the glory of leaving no feature behind.

When we say “no compromise,” we mean so. The MAX brings an unrivaled experience in power and performance, offering you the ultimate ride. Improving upon the urban counterparts, the MAX comes with a 500W motor making the daunting task of hitting the top speed of 18.6 mph on a 15° hill, even at a maximum load of 264 lbs., just a breeze. These specs indeed lend themselves to relentless power worthy of the MAX name.

The range is the most contentious discussion in e-scooters, but the MAX makes no promise that is unheard of. With an extraordinary range of 30 miles on a full charge, the MAX is the king of the hill from SmooSat. But it’s not magic, but pristine engineering. This unprecedented range is only possible thanks to its 12 Ah automotive-grade battery. This quality of the battery is crucial for durability in harsh usage and a longer lifespan.

The MAX combines the best of safety and comfort simultaneously. Riders’ safety, being SmooSat’s top priority, takes the front seat as always. Rocking ten solid tires and dual front suspension make it a breeze to glide over rough terrains with utmost safety without a single hiccup. When going gets tough, the tough get going – and the MAX exudes that toughness like a titan. With the MAX, bumpy roads become smooth, effortless, and safe experiences like never before. With SmooSat’s commitment, you get up to eight years of battery life for a hassle-free purchase and subsequent years of peace of mind for harsh seasonal usage.

Rocking the cream of the crop tech with its sole machined black-colored outlook, take yourself alongside your band of fellow riders on the MAX for the ultimate ride deserving of its name. Be that one or for many, if you want nothing short of the best, covering all terrain with the utmost comfort - this is it! It’s the MAX.

To learn about our other offerings with stellar battery performances, read our SmooSat Best Products Gift Guide blog

Concluding remarks

Finally, maintaining the battery in your electric scooter is essential for guaranteeing its longevity and best performance. You can safeguard the electric scooter’s battery and extend its life by following the advice in this blog. In addition to ensuring safe commutes, a properly maintained battery also helps you save money by reducing the frequency of repairs. So, abide by these rules for a hassle-free and safe ride. Happy riding!

Infographic: Basic electric scooter safety tips (Source: UCLA)
Infographic: Basic electric scooter safety tips (Source: UCLA)​​

Safety features are crucial

Look for scooters with safety features like hand brakes, non-slip decks, and reflectors to make sure your child has a secure ride. Also, choose an electric scooter with a lower top speed than adult ones for increased safety. As a result, three versatile and slower-than-adult scooter speeds are salient highlights of the SmooSat E9 Kids Scooter. Last but not least, make sure your child always rides with a helmet on.

Infographic: Importance of helmets and safety features on a kid’s electric scooter (Source: eRide Hero)
Infographic: Importance of helmets and safety features on a kid’s electric scooter (Source: eRide Hero)​​

It must be easy to use

Keep usability in mind as you choose a scooter for your child. Look for scooters like the SmooSat E9 that have child-friendly controls that are simple and obvious.

Final thoughts

Considering these factors, you can choose the best kids electric scooter for your child. Your child can play outside with the right scooter while getting terrific exercise. Read our SmooSat Best Products Gift Guide to thoroughly understand the electric scooter models we recommend for kids so you can make an informed decision and a smart buy.

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