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Kids Electric Scooters or Traditional Scooters: Which One is Better?

Kids Electric Scooters or Traditional Scooters: Which One is Better?

Electric scooters have been around for a while, but why should grown-ups alone have all the fun? As such, electric scooter technology has trickled down to the younger demographic with appropriate novelty and features. Kids and adult electric scooters provide excellent physical activity and transportation opportunities while being terrific rides. Which one is ideal for your household? Here, we contrast kid’s and traditional adult scooter models for you to make an informed decision to purchase one in your family.

Differences between kids’ electric scooters and traditional electric scooters

The contrast in safety, maintenance, and other features

     - Safety features and speed

     - Aesthetics

     - Novelty features (adjustable handlebars, musical speakers, etc.)

     - Maintenance

     - Price

Final verdict

Differences between kids’ electric scooters and traditional electric scooters

Like traditional adult electric scooters, an electric motor powers a kid’s electric scooter. Kids’ scooters often have significantly larger wheels inflated with air and a rechargeable battery, electronics, and other components. In contrast to adult scooters, the ones made for kids have many different novelty features with additional safety precautions. A well-engineered electric scooter for kids like the SmooSat E9 Pro offers many other novel features.

Safety features and speed

Since children ride the kid’s electric scooters, they go slower than adult electric scooters. Therefore, they are typically safer. Yet, both are incredibly safe if you properly regulate your or your child’s electric scooter and adhere to the guidelines. If you weren’t an experienced vehicle driver, you wouldn’t go out on busy roads and in crowded areas with a car, and the same rule applies to electric scooters for you and your child. Always remember that safety comes first. Please remember to wear safety gear whenever you or your child go out to ride. That said, kids’ scooters can have several extra safety features. For instance, the SmooSat MAX adult electric scooter has a top speed of 18.6 mph, whereas our SmooSat E9 Pro Kids Scooter tops out at 10 mph with three flexible options at 5 mph, 8 mph, and 10 mph. Therefore, we take extra care of kids’ scooters so your kid’s safety is never compromised.


Children love a colored and vibrant outlook, whereas adults prefer an understated professional look. This element is represented in the two kinds of scooters as well. Well-designed kids’ scooters can help attract a child to embrace this fun, safe, and eco-friendly mode of transportation thanks to the look and feel of the colorful profile. For instance, we offer various kids options with no compromise to safety in the SmooSat E9, SmooSat E9 Pro, and the SmooSat E9 Apex, while they also have exciting rainbow-themed LED decks. Actual eye candy, indeed! On the other hand, our adult electric scooter, the SA3 Prime, has a metallic black, understated look with the perfect white-collar profile catering to young adult professionals.

Novelty features (adjustable handlebars, musical speakers, etc.)

Following aesthetics, kids’ electric scooters sport different novelty features, such as adjustable handlebars for different heights and Bluetooth speakers, to name a few. For example, our flagship kid’s scooter, the SmooSat E9 Apex, comes with Bluetooth speakers from which your kid can play their favorite tunes while zipping through the park. It adds a lot to the fun. In contrast, adult electric scooters focus more on practical features like more extended ranges rather than colorful features.


Though both categories of electric scooters usually need minimal maintenance – especially from well-engineered models like our line from SmooSat, kids’ options need notably lower maintenance. Since kids’ electric scooters are made of broader tires and go slower, the tires and motors are less stressed and require less maintenance. For an overview of several maintenance tips for adult electric scooters, read the relevant section in our blog - Staying Safe on Your Electric Scooter: Top Safety Practices for Daily Commuting.


Although it may look like kids’ electric scooters pack more features from the outset, adult electric scooters take more sophisticated engineering to empower them with extended range, faster speed, etc. The velocity and endurance add to the cost of manufacturing the electric scooter. Our entry-level adult electric scooter – the SmooSat SA3, comes in at $649.99, and the flagship SmooSat MAX adult electric scooter costs $799.97. We often offer discounts – so keep your eyes on the prize! On the other hand, our best-selling kid’s electric scooter, the SmooSat E9 Pro, costs $179.99. So, kids’ scooters are usually cheaper than adult electric scooters.

Final verdict

It is more of a conscious decision than a final verdict because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any modern tech. The choice boils down to the rider. So, opt for a kid’s scooter if you want a safe yet extremely enjoyable electric scooter for your child. But be aware! Always buy from the safest brands, like SmooSat, that will keep your child’s safety at the forefront. On the other hand, if you are an adult professional and want an understated yet high-performance electric scooter, then one from our adult line is your best bet. Check out our blog SmooSat Best Products Gift Guide – to learn in-depth about kid’s and adult offerings and make an informed decision for a wise purchase.

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