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Electric Scooters vs Electric Bikes: What Are The Best Vehicles For Commuting To Work?

Electric Scooters vs Electric Bikes: What Are The Best Vehicles For Commuting To Work?

People are altering their movement patterns in cities with rising gas prices and a more sustainable culture. Not everyone can access a car. Public transportation is frequently expensive and cumbersome. This phenomenon has increased the number of people who commute by e-bike and has encouraged using new personal electric vehicles like electric scooters, undoubtedly the most eco-friendly and convenient option. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the pros and cons of these choices.

Due to their usefulness and benefits, electric vehicles are now more widely available on the market. They are efficient and cost-effective in the long run compared to classic cars. Electric vehicles exist in various dimensions, styles, and colors. The world is home to several different types of electric vehicles, including e-cars, e-bikes, and e-scooters. Yet, if portability and practicality are important factors to you, electric bikes and electric scooters are the best choices. Let’s dive in to find which one is right for you!

Electric Bikes

Even though you won’t ever burn as many calories on an e-bike as you would on one powered only by your legs, it is still far better for you than driving.

The main advantage of electric bikes is that they improve the elements that make commuting more comfortable for the rider. An electronic bike, for instance, still includes a set of pedals, allowing the rider to work out or exercise. However, it gets an extra boost thanks to the electric motor.

An electric motor, lithium-ion batteries, and a sensor make up an electric bike. Via a pedal or torque sensor, the electric motor provides it with an additional boost. The lithium-ion battery then stores the energy. Compared to other battery kinds, they are lighter and last longer.



- No gas emission

- Faster than bicycles and e-scooters

- Robust even in muscle power

- No insurance needed

- Not foldable

- Much more expensive than e-scooters

- Cannot carry loads like cars

- Heavier than electric scooters

- Not faster than most alternative vehicles

- Often have state regulations

The Pros of E-bikes

E-bikes are advantageous for eco-friendly people who live in crowded cities with clogged roads filled with fuel-powered vehicles harming the environment because they produce no gas emissions. Other benefits include:

It does not call for you to have an insurance policy and a license plate

Faster than traditional bikes and e-scooters

No emissions of hazardous gases

They have a more comprehensive range than e-scooters

When the power goes out, it can still provide road stability

The Drawbacks of E-bikes

Some e-bikes are foldable and can fit in small spaces, but most do not. However, the biggest concern is the prohibitive price. The salient cons are:

You cannot carry certain items in the trunk

Heavyweight, which typically weighs between 40 and 120 lbs.

Have few alternatives for motor power

They have low top speeds

Very expensive compared to electric scooters

Electric Scooters

On the other hand, an electric scooter is a two or three-wheeled vehicle, and an electric motor or human power propels it. It also has handlebars and a floorboard that the rider can stand on. It has many parts, but the important ones are the batteries, brakes, decks, handlebars, lights, throttles, stem, suspension, and tires. The deck is the platform you stand on when you ride.

The typical scooter deck measures 14-16 by 5-6 inches and has a few inches of ground clearance. The metal stem, which connects the handlebars and front wheels, is a folding tube.

The suspension on the electric scooter, like that on a car or bicycle, enhances the comfort of your journey.



- Perfect for short distances

- More eco-friendly than any electric alternative

- Immune to traffic

- Easy for hybrid commutes

- Almost zero emissions

- Ease of use

- Most enjoyable among the alternatives

- Requires no license in most states

- Cheapest solution to micro-mobility

- Needs minor maintenance

- Range is limited

- Batteries need care

- Not as fast as other alternatives

The Benefits of Electric Scooters

The electric scooter is ideal for those who prefer to travel more quickly and those with limited parking access. It is a perfect option for both children and adults. You can travel anywhere you like while taking pleasure in completing quick and straightforward local errands on the highways and streets. Other benefits include:

Easy to use, convenient, and enjoyable

It does not demand that you provide proof of insurance and a license plate

Environmentally responsible

Ideal for short travels

Avoiding gridlock

Reduced noise pollution

Low cost of maintenance

Saves much money (please read our blog: Electric Scooter vs. Car: How Much Money Can You Save?)

The Cons of Electric Scooters

The drawbacks of electric scooters are limited. The only thing that it doesn’t do is longer ranges. Apart from that, they pull ahead of e-Bikes. Other cons are:

More chances to be abandoned anywhere and stolen

Concerns with the battery

You cannot use it to store things

Only effective across short distances

Lower top speed

Comparison between Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes

You’re probably aware that many electric transportation options are available today if you’re looking for an e-bike or an e-scooter. When purchasing, you must evaluate their strength, value, function, and shortcomings.

Key Comparisons Based on Features and Things to Consider

For utmost clarity, we have summarized everything you must consider in the table below in a comparative context.

Electric Scooters

Electric Bikes

Electric Skateboards

Range in a single charge

10 – 30 miles

10 – 50 miles

6 – 12 miles

Top speed

10 – 25 mph

5 – 30 mph

3 – 15 mph

Maintenance cost








Safety & Comfort








Learning curve




Price range

$300 - $1,000

$2,000 - $5,000

$500 - $2500

Electric Scooters

Your favorite kick scooter from childhood has grown into an electric scooter in modern times. These now have more prominent features, better tires, electrical systems, and electric motors. As a result, electric scooters are more potent in terms of acceleration and speed. Additionally, they have superior features that improve riding comfort. Some electric scooters include suspension and built-in LEDs. Most importantly, they are easier to go around than conventional scooters, bikes, and skateboards because they don’t require as much manual labor. Moreover, they are the most environmentally friendly.


They are easiest to control and are perfect for navigating through traffic and confined locations.

They are portable and light, making them simple to store and transport.

Compared to the other options, they are comparatively affordable.

You don’t need licenses for personal electric scooters in most states.

The perfect solution to avoid traffic as they offer the best hybrid solution.


They have a limited range in comparison to some electric bikes.

They may not be ideal for rough terrain and rocky roads, but there are offroad models, too (we will cover such a model later in the article in SmooSat MAX).

Some models have lower weight limits making them less suitable for heavier riders.

Electric Bikes

Even though an e-bike won’t ever allow you to burn as many calories as a bicycle, powered just by your legs, it is still much healthier than a car. Electric bikes’ key benefit is that they enhance the features that make riding to work more comfortable for the rider. For instance, an electric bike still has a pair of pedals, allowing the rider to exercise or work out. Manufacturers design them with a sensor, lithium-ion batteries, and an electric motor. The motor boosts it through a pedal or torque sensor. Then the energy is subsequently stored by the lithium-ion battery. However, they lag in portability and ease of use.


They can get you to your destination while giving you a workout.

They can cover more ground than other electric skateboards and electric scooters.

E-bikes are better for navigating a range of terrains, including slopes and rugged landscapes.


Many states require licensing for electric bikes.

Compared to most electric skateboards and scooters, they are heavier.

They are significantly more expensive than skateboards and electric scooters.

Of all three, they require the most maintenance.

Electric Skateboards

An original and enjoyable way to travel short distances is on an electric skateboard. They are simple to transport when not in use, thanks to their portability and minimal weight. They are great for commuting and recreational activities under a small range. They have a steeper learning curve and may be unsafe for many.


They are portable and lightweight, making them simple to store and transport.

Electric skateboards offer a unique experience.

Expensive models offer comparable ranges to electric scooters.


Their limited range makes them unsuitable for medium to long commutes.

They are most challenging to ride than the alternatives.

Usually, e-skateboards are more expensive than electric scooters

Like e-bikes, they can be costly to maintain and repair.

They have the highest rate of accidents among the three types.

Infographic: Cost of electric mobility vehicular options (electric scooters, electric bikes, mopeds, and EVs) where left to right means more to less (Source: A guide to riding and owning electric micro-mobility in Greater Boston in Sierra Club Research Magazine)
Infographic: Cost of electric mobility vehicular options (electric scooters, electric bikes, mopeds, and EVs) where left to right means more to less (Source: A guide to riding and owning electric micro-mobility in Greater Boston in Sierra Club Research Magazine)​​

An electric bike is a two-wheeled ride with an electric motor that allows for a comfortable experience. You might use a pedal-assist or fully electric model to travel around the neighborhood. On the other hand, an electric scooter has two wheels and a handlebar attached to an electric motor. After the initial kick-off, the engine is self-propelled, taking you on a delightful journey. They are also more environmentally friendly.

Electric Scooter Recommendations for Commuters

We have curated the list of the best adult scooters for commuting below. Undoubtedly, one of them will meet your needs perfectly.

The Flexible SA3 Adult Electric Scooter 

The SA3 is excellent in the last-mile sector, and it is challenging to equal it for only $499.97, given that you already receive a potent, improved 350W motor with peak speeds of up to 15.6 mph. It supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs. and can effortlessly ascend slopes with an incline of 14 degrees when fully loaded. Whether you are purchasing the SmooSat SA3 for a family member who is a teenager or for yourself as an adult, it is a flexible electric scooter. With a single charge, it can travel 20 miles. A key draw is its safe, stylish, and family-friendly design. The model gives a vibe of being much more costly than its under $500 price tag because of its sturdy construction and high-quality body.

The White-collar SA3 Prime Adult Electric Scooter

The Prime is the perfect option for those who desire a peaceful, feature-rich scooter that fits in well with life in the white-collar sector. Urbanites should pick this electric scooter if they wish to go with a minimal carbon footprint without giving up anything. The larger brother of the SA3, the Prime, provides excellent performance and value. The SA3 Prime is the well-known SmooSat SA3 amplified tenfold! Without hesitation, young professionals should pick it.

The Flagship – SmooSat MAX

The MAX offers the best ride imaginable thanks to its unmatched power and performance. On off-road surfaces, it performs superbly. The MAX outperforms its purely urban versions thanks to its 500W motor and can comfortably up a 15° slope at a maximal speed of 18.6 mph while towing a maximum of 264 lbs. Its unwavering strength merits the MAX moniker. The MAX skillfully blends the finest levels of comfort and safety. Moving comfortably through rugged terrain is made simple by the ten sturdy tires and the dual front suspension. The MAX is as tough as a giant in terms of features.

Concluding Thoughts

Scooters may, unlike most bikes, be quickly stashed beneath a seat or in a trunk in the event of an unforeseen deluge or snowstorm, although they aren’t appropriate for all types of weather. Electric scooters are the future of commuting - not because they will replace all other modes of transportation, but because they enable new kinds of connections that reduce the number of cars on the road and increase the availability of alternative, sustainable, and healthy forms of transportation. That is why we are proponents of electric scooter adoption. Check out our sustainability statement to learn more about our commitment to an eco-friendly future.

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