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Electric Scooter Throttle: Everything You Need to Know

Electric Scooter Throttle: Everything You Need to Know

The throttle is the mechanism through which you control the speed of your electric scooter. Therefore, besides the deck, it is equally the most used part of the electric scooter you interact with. So, it is instrumental that you are well-versed in the types of throttles used in the electric scooters you are considering for making an informed purchase.

Why are throttle types crucial to consider?

Types of electric scooter throttles and their pros and cons

    - Thumb throttles

    - Trigger throttles

    - Twist throttles

    - Wheel throttles

Final thoughts

Why are throttle types crucial to consider?

Throttle type is a make-or-break factor when considering purchasing an electric scooter, and the best way to make a prudent choice is to have an informed plan. Therefore, we present all the pros and cons of the popular throttle types used in electric scooters.

Types of electric scooter throttles and their pros and cons

Thumb throttles
Thumb throttles​​



- The most popular and easy to use

- Availability is high

- Usually offers a digital display

- Ergonomic to grip

- Braking is reliable

- Safest choice

- Improper implementation can cause bumps

- Difficult to replace

The (finger) thumb throttle is the most popular type used in electric scooters, and you can mainly find them in high-performance electric scooters. This type of throttle with an attached LCD screen is available on contemporary models, and a more modern approach is viewing in an app, such as in our SmooSat SA3 Prime and MAX.

It is the most popular design for mid to high-end electric scooters. Many thumb throttles sport hard-to-replace components, and they frequently come with a separate digital display that is either positioned above the stem or mounted to the thumb throttle. But not all thumb throttles are equal; some perform significantly better than others in controlling speed and being easy to reach while riding.

Thumb throttles often allow your driving hand to keep a grip with all your fingers while the thumb controls the throttle, making them the most ergonomic and comfortable for riding. The smoothest speed modulation comes from thumb throttles, but they might be tricky to operate over bumps. They don't interfere with brake controls because brake levers are often outside the handlebars. Conversely, improperly built thumb throttles might reduce the enjoyment of riding. Most thumb throttles, which you activate by pressing downward, operate in a vertical configuration.

However, some are horizontally oriented. In that case, you must accelerate by pressing the throttle inward and toward your hand. This maneuver may make it challenging to alter the speed.

Trigger throttles
Trigger throttles​​



- Mostly used in pro/racing level e-scooters

- Controls are easy to reach

- Best for high-speed electric scooters

- Not the safest option

- Difficult to replace

- Can lead to hand cramps

- Requires more force than thumb throttles

Finger throttles are incredibly popular second to thumb throttles, making accessing and controlling settings simple and easy to reach. So, it is ergonomic to maintain acceleration, braking strength, cruise control, and display brightness. Most racing scooters have this throttle, frequently producing torquey, spin-the-front-wheels acceleration.

It is prevalent among speed-hungry riders. As a result, it often compromises safety. It is usually very robust over bumps, around corners, and at fast-paced travel. On the other hand, some riders contend that this trigger-finger hand position, particularly when coupled with weak handgrips, results in hand cramps. Even though you can reduce the acceleration, using the trigger demands more force from your pointer finger than using a thumb throttle.

Twist throttles
Twist throttles​​



- Independent braking leads to higher safety

- Good aesthetics

- Stable at high speeds

- Ergonomics are divisive among users

- Posture can be uncomfortable

- Less prevalent in decent electric scooters

The use of twist throttles is infrequent, and they are usually identical to thumb throttles but include a one-color digital dashboard that only shows battery life. You grab the front third of the rubber handgrip and roll it toward you to accelerate. This twist doesn't interfere with brake operation because you can still hold and cover the brakes with a couple of fingers while accelerating.

Even though many scooter manufacturers do not incorporate the twist throttle into their models, there are differing views on it. It has a respectable aesthetic and is simple to utilize. It makes sense that it is comfortable to operate since motorcycles also use this type of throttle. Consequently, it performs well when the rider sits in a constrained posture at top speed.

Wheel throttles
Wheel throttles​​



- Most uncommon in commuter models

- Offers good comfort without suspensions

- Expensive to implement

- Not widely adopted

- Difficult to replace and repair

Wheel throttles are likely the most uncommon and expensive type, and these are only occasionally visible on dual-motor electric scooters. Due to a variety of factors, it is unlikely that you will encounter any of these scooters on the road. The reason is the prohibitively high manufacturing cost and less adoption in popular models.

As you move the wheel inward to accelerate and outward to use the brakes, your hand rests in a comfortable position. Even with dual engine designs, it feels like a natural, intuitive movement during acceleration.

One upside to wheel throttles is that speed modulation is simple and smooth with a scooter without suspension. However, its complex nature makes the implementation difficult, costly, and hard to repair.

Final thoughts

Each throttle style has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. So, the best method to decide which one you like depends on your riding style. The trigger or wheel throttles will be ideal if you enjoy racing high-performance scooters. A thumb throttle is certainly your jam if you prefer cruising and require the most safety in your day-to-day life. Check out our blog - Best Electric Scooter Buying Guide, to learn about our offerings with minimal compromises with maximum power and comfort.

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