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Electric Scooter for Your Child: Factors to Consider When Choosing

Electric Scooter for Your Child: Factors to Consider When Choosing

A few key considerations merit attention when picking the best scooter for your child.

What are the primary considerations for choosing the right electric scooter for kids?

    - Size and age

    - Wheels and tire configurations

    - Deck size and safety features

    - Motor

    - Adjustable handlebars

    - Maintenance

    - Safety features

    - Ease of use

Concluding thoughts

What are the primary considerations for choosing the right electric scooter for kids?

Surpassing bikes and walking, electric scooters have emerged as the hottest mode of transportation for both casual riding and commuting for kids. Here, we offer a kids’ scooter purchase guide covering everything you need to consider, from features to safety. Whether you own one already or plan to buy one, these factors are keys to making an informed decision.

Size and age

It's crucial to pick a scooter that fits the age and size of your child. While scooters for older kids and teenagers might be more prominent and able to handle greater weight, scooters for younger kids usually have smaller decks and lower weight limitations. Review the manufacturer's guidelines and any warning labels to ensure the scooter is appropriate for your child. For instance, the SmooSat E9 Pro is rated for ages 8+ and offers versatile adjustable heights for kids of different ages.

Wheels and tire configurations

Although hard wheels are more resilient than soft ones, they won't be as comfortable for your child. Remember that some scooters come with triangular wheels rather than in-line wheels. Consider the wheel size and type when purchasing the scooter. The diameter of typical scooter wheels is 110 mm. Smaller wheels are typically lighter and slower, keeping the deck closer to the ground. It might promote stability. Large scooter wheels (120 to 125 mm) will accelerate quickly and raise the deck higher. Also, most of the trips will be smoother. Some scooter models come with wheels that illuminate and have LED lights within them. It can be a fantastic feature for kids. Most from the kids' line from SmooSat sport such novel features.

Deck size and safety features

It's essential to consider the platform or deck that your child will put their feet on. Verify that the deck is wide enough to allow your youngster to stand on easily. Also, some platforms include stickers that could make them sleek. Choose a scooter with expansive decks that are comfortable to stand on. For instance, our best-seller – the SmooSat E9 Pro, has a broad deck offering the best safety and a rainbow-themed LED deck offering immense fun while being extremely safe.


The scooter's performance and speed will depend on its motor power. Although scooters with more powerful motors would be better able to go more quickly, it could pose a safety risk for small children. When selecting a scooter with the appropriate motor power level, consider your child's age and riding experience. For instance, the SmooSat MAX adult electric scooter has a top speed of 18.6 mph, whereas our SmooSat E9 Pro Kids Scooter tops out at 10 mph with three flexible options at 5 mph, 8 mph, and 10 mph. Therefore, we take extra care of kids’ scooters so your kid’s safety is never compromised.

Adjustable handlebars

Ensure the scooter's handlebars don't extend past your child’s waist for the best possible control. The most excellent solution might be adjustable scooters with a T-bar that slides up and down. Sharing the scooter with a sibling or friend is made possible by this feature, along with growing taller with age. For younger children, it is an excellent feature from premium manufacturers. Or else, once your youngster has outgrown it, you must replace the scooter. For example, our flagship kid's scooter, the SmooSat E9 Apex, has multiple heights, so the scooter grows with your kid.


While selecting a scooter for your youngster, consider the scooter's maintenance requirements. Some may be more low-maintenance and require less frequent maintenance, such as replacing batteries or tires. Our SmooSat E9 Pro Kids Scooter requires minimal maintenance while being uncompromising in safety.

Safety features

To ensure your youngster has a safe ride, look for scooters with safety features like hand brakes, non-slip decks, and reflectors. It is also notable to pick an electric scooter with a lower top speed than adult scooters for enhanced safety. Therefore, the engineers at SmooSat include three modes of velocities in the SmooSat E9 Pro Kids Scooter that are versatile and lower than adult scooters. Lastly, never let your child ride without wearing a helmet.

Importance of helmets and safety features on a kid’s electric scooter
Infographic: Importance of helmets and safety features on a kid’s electric scooter (Source: eRide Hero)​​

Ease of use

While selecting a scooter for your youngster, keep ease of usage in mind. Look for scooters with easy-to-use controls that are basic and clear for children, like the SmooSat E9 Apex.

Final thoughts

You can choose the best kids electric scooter for your child by considering these aspects. Your youngster may have great fun with the correct scooter. To get an in-depth insight into our kids’ specific electric scooters, read our SmooSat Best Products Gift Guide – to make an informed decision for a wise purchase.

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