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Check Out How Efficient a Kick Scooter Is Compared to Riding a Bike

Check Out How Efficient a Kick Scooter Is Compared to Riding a Bike

Kick scooters and bicycles are two common forms of transportation you’ve probably seen if you’ve ever traveled through city streets or explored your neighborhood. Which alternative is more effective, albeit both provide an enjoyable and environmentally responsible means of transportation? In this article, we’ll get into the specifics and contrast how efficient it is to ride a bike against a kick scooter, taking into account aspects like eco-friendliness, comfort, convenience, cost, and practicality, to name a few.

- Kick scooters are more sustainable and eco-friendlier

- You get more health benefits from kick scooters than from bicycles

- More practical in work commutes

- More budget-friendly than bicycles

- Kick scooters are more convenient and comfortable

- A kick scooter offers more durability with a longer lifespan

- Simpler storage and transportability

- Kick scooters are simply more fun

- Simpler storage and transportability

- Which one is right for you?

- Final remarks

Kick scooters are more sustainable and eco-friendlier

Both bicycles and scooters are friendly to the environment. Go you if you’re considering one of these as a mode of transportation! Bicycles are still a fantastic alternative if you want to be more environmentally conscious. Bikes use less energy than scooters, though. Recent research showed electric scooters are more energy-efficient than bicycles or ecologically friendly cars, although you must manually handle a kick scooter.  

Policy research backs it up as well. The UN-Habitat has begun implementing the “Action Platform on Urban Electric Mobility” initiative due to the benefits of kick scooters and electric vehicles. The project seeks to reduce harmful emissions by 30% by 2050 and raise the use of electric and hybrid cars to 30% by 2030. Sustainability proponent engineers construct several kick scooter models with sustainable alloy aluminum – notably the SmooSat S8, which reinforced the mission – that already has a sustainability vision. To read SmooSat’s pledge toward a greener future, please check out our blog - SmooSatCare: "Ride Your Green Style" Sustainability Brand Story.

Infographic: Importance of eco-friendly scooters for sustainability (Source: Institute of Transportation and Development Policy)
Infographic: Importance of eco-friendly scooters for sustainability (Source: Institute of Transportation and Development Policy)​​

Kick scooters have more health benefits than bicycles

When it comes to fitness, bikes and kick scooters are both fantastic options, especially if you never have time to visit the gym. Using both frequently results in fat and excess weight loss, and exercise also lowers your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, or depression. Nevertheless, although riding a bike is primarily a cardiac workout, utilizing a kick scooter tends to work out your leg muscles the most. When using a kick scooter, remember that it is best to swap legs frequently to prevent one leg from developing more tones, making it uneven.

More practical in work commutes

Kick scooters are great for completing short walking distances considerably more quickly. A kick scooter will shorten your commute if you live near your workplace. Also, it will simplify your getting to restaurants and other locations that would otherwise be difficult to get to during your lunch break. On the other hand, bicycles are a fantastic option for a lengthy commute because they can cover any distance. If you live a significant distance from your place of employment and do not initially want to cycle the entire length, you can combine biking with public transportation. The subways are bike-friendly, and many bus stations have bike racks. However, foldable kick scooters have a clear upper hand over bicycles in transportability.

Additionally, a kick scooter involves physical exertion from the body alongside the support of the scooter. So, you can readily diminish your inner debate about health consciousness compared to riding a bike. You will get equal exercise while being reassured that you won’t get sweaty and must opt for a second set of business casuals at work. So, that is a clear win for the kick-scooter.

More budget-friendly than bicycles

The scooter is perfect for anyone hesitant to invest in a bike. It is just as the bike was once the solution for those who couldn’t afford a car. According to a Bicycle Product Manufacturers Association (BPSA) report, the typical bike costs over $500, whereas the standard kick scooter costs under $300. The most basic kick scooter is even more economical, costing around $100, which is within most people’s means. A bike also typically requires more care, from the tires to the riding accessories to the routine checks. Just put on a helmet and ride a scooter! To take a deeper dive into the savings of e-scooters, read our blog - How Much Money can you Save?

Kick scooters are more convenient and comfortable

Regarding bicycles, you must ensure that your seat is comfy and height adjustable. A stooped posture could cause back and neck problems if it isn’t. You must consider the handlebars’ size, grip, and gear shifts. Are they simple to use and modify? Is it the best kind of bike for both riding on trails for fun and getting to work? Many cyclists own many bikes, which may get expensive over time. While not in use, do you have a place to keep a cycle?

In contrast, it’s a one-size-fits-all scenario when using a kick scooter. You may use the same scooter you use to commute to work to get some exercise in your neighborhood. Before you bike, make sure you are aware of the local laws. The fact that you stand on the scooter means that you are probably not slumped over. The handlebar, which is simple to operate, has all the controls you need to start, accelerate, and stop. A scooter is much more straightforward to stow than a bike for your commute. Many modern models have foldable parts for simple storage when not in use.

A kick scooter offers more durability with a longer lifespan

It’s unlikely that the bike you had as a child will be the exact bike you kept as an adult. As you age, you need more features for your money, which also go out of trend. If you pick the proper scooter, you may maintain the same look throughout high school, college, and beyond. The longevity exists because, for the most part, engineers do not design scooters to be extravagantly fancy. After a few years, you won’t need to trade in your beloved, cherished scooter for a new one because it will be ready for you to ride and blend in with the other scooters gliding down the street. In other words, when maintained properly, scooters last longer than bikes do.

Simpler storage and transportability

As they are light and foldable, kick scooters are the most excellent choice if you don’t want to worry about storage. You may simply fold up your kick scooter and store it under your workspace or in a bag rather than searching for a parking space or bike rack.  While they may require more room than a kick scooter, folding bikes are also pretty easy to store. However, foldable bikes can be prohibitively expensive. You can lock a bicycle into a rack or a pole with a chain, and many urban offices provide bike storage areas. A kick scooter can take advantage of the same.

Kick scooters are more fun

Kick scooters are significantly more enjoyable and less stressful than cars and bikes. Your brain will manufacture more endorphins due to the activity you receive from operating a kick scooter, making you feel better. Also, you’ll be able to breathe cleaner air than you would in a car, something your lungs will undoubtedly love. To read more on some exciting benefits of electric and kick scooters, check out our blog - 5 Surprising Benefits of Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults.

Which one is right for you?

Your best choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences. A kick scooter like the SmooSat S8 is the best option if you want an efficient and easy way to get around town or suburbs, and a bike may be the better choice if you want a more efficient way to travel long distances. If you wish to opt for the greenest and most efficient solution to everyday commutes, please read our comprehensive blog – Guide to The Best Electric Scooters for Adults and Kids, where you will undoubtedly find the scooter that best caters to you.

Final thoughts

Kick scooters and bikes have many advantages, particularly in enjoyment and enhancing physical and mental well-being. They differ slightly from one another, though, and in some circumstances, one is preferable to the other. Most notably, bikes are preferable for more extended travels, whereas kick scooters are better for short distances. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll save time and money, and your family will enjoy traveling with you on excursions other than the commute to work.

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