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7 Must-See Factors to Consider When Buying Scooters for Adults

7 Must-See Factors to Consider When Buying Scooters for Adults

Presently, the market is crowded with options for value-oriented, dependable electric scooters, whether you’re searching for one to get you the last mile for an urban work commute or just for fun in the parks. Some electric scooters are capable vehicles that can travel more than 15 miles on a single charge, propelling you up hills and cushioning your fall on unforgiving sidewalks. In comparison, there are others to travel only about 5 miles per charge - perfect for subway and bus riders looking to shorten their commute’s final leg.

- What to Consider

  • Range 
  • Speed
  • Tires
  • Motor
  • Suspensions
  • Brakes and Lights
  • Price

- Recommendations for the Best Scooters for Adults

- Tabular Comparisons

- Concluding Remarks

What to Consider?

Different strokes for different folks, but an electric scooter makes perfect sense in this sustainable age for most city dwellers with their regular destinations within several miles. Before purchasing an electric scooter, consider how you intend to utilize it carefully. Are you seeking dependable, all-year-round transportation to and from work or for running errands in your neighborhood? Or do you want a scooter to carry you farther and climb hills? Do you like a speed demon or something that can work in the rain and at night? There is a multitude of choices to recommend. Thus, there are certain key aspects to watch out for - to make the best purchase for your needs. We have discussed them comprehensively below.

The battery and motor size determine the scooter’s range and other parameters such as rider weight, weather, and whether or not users ride predominantly in flat or hilly terrain. Manufacturers design models that go up to 10 miles on a single charge, while some may go up to 30 miles.

Most e-scooters have a top speed of about 15 mph, adequate to cruise through city streets and trails. For passengers looking for a faster commute or more of a thrill, we’ve included one of these (the powerhouse – SmooSat MAX), which can travel up to 18.6 mph.

There are rubber tires on almost all electric scooters, and some tires are made of solid rubber, while others are tubeless or have inner tubes. Solid rubber tires are the most durable and best for shorter journeys on smooth roads, but they also offer less shock absorption than tubeless tires.

Since flats and punctures are significant worries for most riders, SmooSat uses non-pneumatic tires (NPT). Therefore, our adult scooters are inherently immune to punctures.

Motors for electric scooters frequently range in power from 200 to 350 watts, and this range will cover the majority of daily city commutes. You might want to choose a scooter with a bigger, more potent motor if you’re heavier or ride mostly in mountainous terrain.

Also, brushless motors are more efficient and eco-friendly, so the SmooSat SA3SA3 Prime, and MAX use brushless motors.

Suspensions make rides smoother, and they are present to make electric scooters less bumpy. Primarily only premium and expensive electric scooters boast several suspension types, but they are not practically helpful in shorter distances and at reasonable speeds. To learn more about the impact of suspensions and if you need one, check out our blog - Why is the Suspension of Electric Scooters so important that you need it?

Brakes and Lights
Safety Is paramount in electric scooter riding. Find one with reliable front and back lights if you intend to ride in the early morning or at night. It is sensible to avail a horn or bell to alert bikers, pedestrians, and other scooter riders. Also, all scooters should have reliable brakes. More powerful scooters should have a front and back and maybe a motor brake, so you don’t fly down a slope quicker than you meant. Others just have them on one wheel. Motor brakes may slightly increase the scooter’s range, which regenerative braking also does.

Most adult electric scooters cost between $300 and $800. Several cost less but offer significantly less strength, mobility, battery life, and security features. Electric scooters with premium features can cost well over $2,000. However, being costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better, as diminishing returns kick in hard beyond the $700 mark. So, we recommend not overspending.

Recommendations for the Best Scooters for Adults

We have enlisted and described the finest adult scooters perfect for commuting and leisure. There is undoubtedly one that will be perfect for your requirements.

The Flexible SA3 Adult Electric Scooter 

In the last-mile market, the SA3 excels. Given that you already get a powerful upgraded 350W motor with peak speeds of up to 15.6 mph, it is difficult to match it for only $499.97. The scooter can bear a maximum weight of 220 pounds, and with a full load, it can travel effortlessly up hills at a 14° incline. The SmooSat SA3 is a versatile electric scooter, whether you’re buying it for yourself as an adult or a teenager in the family. It has a 20-mile range on a single charge. Its secure, fashionable, and family-friendly design is a big draw. The model’s solid build and high-quality body make it seem considerably more expensive than its sub $500 price tag.

The White-collar SA3 Prime Adult Electric Scooter

Most city dwellers frequently travel within a few miles; thus, an electric scooter makes the ideal travel companion. The Prime is for those who want a quiet, feature-rich scooter that goes well with life in the white-collar industry. Urbanites who want to travel with a minor carbon imprint without sacrificing anything should choose this electric scooter. The Prime, the SA3’s bigger sibling, offers terrific performance and value. The SA3 Prime is the highly renowned SmooSat SA3 turned up to eleven! Young professionals should choose it without qualms.

The Flagship – SmooSat MAX

The unrivaled power and performance of the MAX provide the finest ride imaginable. It performs admirably on off-road surfaces. Due to its 500W motor, the MAX excels over its solely urban counterpart and can easily travel up a 15° incline at a top speed of 18.6 mph while carrying a maximum of 264 lbs. Its unwavering power lives up to the MAX designation. The MAX expertly combines the highest standards of safety and comfort. Ten solid tires and a dual front suspension make moving securely through rugged terrain simple. When it comes to toughness, the MAX is comparable to a giant.

Tabular Comparisons

We present a tabular illustration to distinguish which is best for you.

Comparisons of the best adult electric scooters


SmooSat SA3

SmooSat SA3 Prime

SmooSat MAX


Metallic Black/Grey

Metallic Black/Grey

Aluminum Black with Accents

Top speed

15.6 mph

20 mph

18.6 mph





App support





20 miles

28 miles

30 miles

Retail Price (before discounts) *




* Please check the links above for current discounted pricing.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, there are a lot of fantastic adult electric scooters available. Your unique demands and tastes will determine which electric scooter suits you. Before deciding, consider variables including speed, range, weight, terrain, and cost. You’ll definitely find the perfect one for your needs among the fantastic selections in our blog - SmooSat Best Products Gift Guide.

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