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7 best ways to keep the kids occupied over the summer break

7 best ways to keep the kids occupied over the summer break

The summer break brings sunny days and mild weather, perfect for outdoor activities. However, with schools closed and children home from school, summer often turns into a chaotic few months for families.  Though keeping kids entertained for three months straight may seem daunting, employing some clever strategies and summer tricks can help engage your children for the entire season.

Summer also provides an excellent chance to foster productivity and develop new skills in kids. This article outlines several entertaining yet valuable approaches to occupy your kids during the summer vacation.

  • Get outside and ride an electric scooter
  • Teach them a new craft
  • Indoor games are always attractive
  • Enroll them in a summer camp
  • Volunteer at a local project
  • Introduce a chore chart
  • The pool can be a nirvana
  • Concluding Remarks

Get outdoors and ride an electric scooter.

Local parks are starting to fill up as the sun is coming out. But if that isn’t your child’s style or outside your comfort zone, your garden is an excellent place to get their daily dose of vitamin D! Engage your children in outdoor games and rides. And the best way to have them away from screens and embrace the outdoors is with a kid’s electric scooter. The most fabulous electric scooters for kids from SmooSat will be a ton of fun for your child as they cruise around the park, yard, or neighborhood! The SmooSat E9 Kid Electric Scooter is a perfect entry to the eco-friendly revolution. Its deck’s rainbow-themed decor and music system make it the ideal vehicle for transporting kids to parks.

Additionally, it perfectly meets the need for learning simplicity. It is unquestionably a hit when given as a gift to children or teenagers. It adds to your kid’s cognition and hones their motor skills. You can learn more about the health benefits in our Benefits of Electric Scooters for Kids: Revitalizing Your Child’s Active Lifestyle blog. Furthermore, the E9 kid’s electric scooter made it to high-profile publications, such as The Miami Herald’s category for “Safe and Fast Electric Scooters.” You can read what other venerable platforms and publications say in our blog - SmooSat Best Media Reviews.

Infographic: US national summer activities statistics survey (Source: National Recreation and Park Association)
Infographic: US national summer activities statistics survey (Source: National Recreation and Park Association)​​

Teach them a new craft

Get crafty and engage the creative aspects of your children! To get started, you don’t need anything particularly fancy - you can make a ton of crafts using toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You can find creative and fun art on Good Housekeeping, from making flowers to butterflies, on Good Housekeeping. The good news for parents is that crafting is enjoyable, promotes self-esteem, and refines children’s motor skill development and self-expression.

Indoor games are always attractive

A fun approach to spending time with your children is to play a game with them. You can include simple board games like Monopoly and imaginative competitions like marble bowling. Even a ‘water balloon throw’ or ‘egg and spoon relay’ event can create an at-home Olympics. You can always find entertaining activities for your children to do away from screens with the aid of the internet.

Enroll them in a summer camp

Nowadays, there is a summer camp for practically any interest. Ask your kid about their interests; whether they enjoy drawing, basketball, or learning foreign languages, there is likely a class, team, or camp where they may hone their skills. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method for kids to make new friends who share their passions. Summer Camp – the namesake platform can help find you the perfect one for your kid’s interests.

Infographic: Statistics of US summer camps (Source: RegPack Magazine)
Infographic: Statistics of US summer camps (Source: RegPack Magazine)​​

Volunteer at a local project

During the summer holidays, you can teach your children about community involvement and urge them to serve others. Allow them to choose their approach to assisting others in need or guide them while they search online for potential opportunities. Younger children can get involved through initiatives like setting up a lemonade stand and donating the proceeds to a charity of their choice. Older children can engage in longer-term initiatives like collecting food for a food bank or working at an animal shelter.

Introduce a chore chart

While parents are at work, the summer offers a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn responsibility and hard work. You can teach your kids the value of money and hard work by creating a chore schedule and an allowance system. A chore and allowance system will also help your kids feel more confident in themselves.

Take advantage of your local library

Spending time in the library over the summer with your kids will help them continue their education outside the classroom. Also, many libraries provide a wealth of digital resources, including e-books, audiobooks, language study applications, and other modern activities. Moreover, getting your kids excited about reading can be difficult, and you can give them the extra push they need by scheduling time to read aloud to them or by making a reading chart.

The pool can be a nirvana

Swimming is a fantastic method for your children to stay cool while also getting exercise, whether you go to a community pool or the pool in your backyard. You can enroll them in private classes or a swim team if they enjoy swimming. Just make sure they’re hydrated and wearing sunscreen.

Concluding Remarks

Don’t forget to include your children in the planning process as you make your summer activity schedule. Ask them about their interests and ideal activities, and try incorporating their suggestions into your plans. By doing this, you’ll make sure your kids are interested and invested in their summer activities. Also, remember that summer is a season for rest and rejuvenation. While keeping children busy and involved is essential, giving them lots of unstructured time to explore their interests and pursue their passions is also crucial. You can help your kids make the most of their summer and prepare for the upcoming school year by balancing planned activities and free time. If you are considering the outdoors with an eco-friendly electric scooter, check out our blog Electric Scooter for Your Child: Factors to Consider When Choosing.

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