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5 Surprising Benefits of Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults

5 Surprising Benefits of Lightweight Electric Scooters for Adults

Discover the amazing advantages of using a lightweight electric scooter for adults, from saving money on transportation to reducing your carbon footprint. Learn why these sleek and stylish scooters are becoming popular for commuters and leisure riders.

Electric scooters are lovely for a variety of reasons. Some of the benefits of lightweight electric scooters for adults, kids, and wholesome families are obvious. They truly outperform long walks, drives, and public transportation for several reasons. These lightweight electric scooters are affordable and effective and much fun to use. Have you thought about the other advantages they tout, though? You might be surprised to learn that using an electric scooter can have some unexpected benefits, such as improved balance and mobility and less traveling time, saving us  time for exploring new locations and engaging in stress-relieving activities outdoors with loved ones. It may come as a surprise, but we will elaborate here.

- The 5 surprising benefits --

     1. Improves coordination

     2. More time-efficient than cars

     3. A plethora of health benefits

     4. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable technology

     5. Overall well-being is improved

- Concluding Remarks

1. Improves Coordination

Riding an electric scooter requires significant attention because you may need to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as steering, changing directions, picking up speed, etc.  Any missed or delayed step could cause an accident or harm. Thus, the rider must be highly engaged in these actions. Thankfully, riding an adult-size electric scooter improves coordination. You will find that you can quickly change gears, turn sharply and steadily, and dodge obstacles more easily.

Coordination of your efforts with those of others can be advantageous in various contexts, including the job, family life, and many other areas. Also, it will help you with a variety of tasks that call for focused concentration, the use of your hands, and your eyes. Moreover, due to the energy needed to balance oneself, it's important to ride it with caution but without becoming tense, as this can wear you out from the effort required to stay upright. You'll learn that using an electric scooter is pleasant, and as a result of this enjoyment, maintaining awareness is easy.

2. Time-efficient

Now, isn’t this shocking? Yet it is true! If you were not restricted to driving on the street, consider how much of your trip is spent motionless in traffic with other vehicles or how many complicated turns you need to make with your car. Many individuals today live close enough to their places of employment or business (or the store or their favorite urban parks) that traveling by electric scooter would be quicker than driving a car and the hassle of parking or finding a spot.

3. Health Benefits

Riding an electric scooter brings about more health benefits than you could ever imagine, including better posture, strengthening muscles, and losing weight, only to name a few.

Correction of posture is necessary, mainly as we grow up. A hunched-back position can bring on joint issues and deformities. A humpback posture can cause a slipped or dislocated disc in many adults. Riding an electric scooter will help you maintain good posture while scooting and will also enable you to apply the proper pressure where needed. The US National Institutes of Health (NIHS) comprehensively presented the benefits of electric scooters in their research of over 1,000 riders.

As for losing weight, riding an electric scooter is an excellent way to burn calories without all the hassle of jogging or biking! Also, since electric scooters are environmentally benign, there is no need to worry. According to a report presented in E-Rides Advice, a 30-minute electric scooter ride can result in a 250-calorie burn. Hence, using an electric scooter is a fantastic option if you're searching for a simple and enjoyable way to exercise. So why are you still waiting? Get on a scooter and start reducing weight right away!

Health Benefits of different vehicles

Infographic credit: Siigtline

4. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Being electrical, electric scooters cause zero environmental damage via toxic emissions. So, it serves towards environmental protection among all vehicle types. Particularly in cities, smog is often a problem, especially during rush hours when everyone is on their way to and from work. With an eco-friendly electric scooter for adults, there is no air pollution. The highly credible think tank Sightline presented their findings and called this mode of transportation a “big win for the climate.”  

To learn more about our motto and approach towards sustainability, we welcome you to read our sustainability statement to learn more about how we at SmooSat, are transforming the Earth into a more sustainable and greener world.

5. Overall Well-being is Improved

The body is only half of the story. Our bodies are only as good as our minds, and electric scooters have a positive impact on our mental health as well. Going outside is a great way to relieve tension, and riding by on your fun electric scooter is even better. E-scooters won't make you happier regardless of age, even though they aren't the only solution to today's hectic lifestyle. Everyone who rides an electric scooter with a long-range battery, in our experience, can't help but smile while doing so. What are the advantages of this? Unexpectedly, a smile has a lot more impact on your body than you might think.

When you ride through nature, your brain releases hormones that help your body and brain deal with stress. This biological event has a profound impact and serves as a mild analgesic. It puts you in a good mood and reduces your day's tension, which should make for a more relaxed and successful day. Moreover, while utilizing foldable electric scooters for adults, you cannot only increase physical strength to support balance and mobility as you age, but also lower your stress levels.

Concluding Remarks

An electric scooter could be the ideal travel option if you seek something more wholesome than bicycling or walking. Also, a wonderful workout is riding one of our scooters! Check out our amazingly versatile adult-size electric scooter – the SmooSat SA3 Prime for an understated yet elegant solution or our flagship electric scooter with a long-range battery – the MAX. While using one of these electric scooters, you can burn up to 600 calories each hour. An electric scooter, as we alluded to earlier, is also eco-friendly because there are no emissions! What more could a form of transportation possibly offer?

Lastly, electric scooters have a battery-powered engine, which makes them very affordable and straightforward to maintain. For a comprehensive guide to our offerings, check out our blog to choose the right one.

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