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SmooSat 2022 Best Products Gift Guide - Electric/Kick Scooters for Kid/Adult

SmooSat 2022 Best Products Gift Guide - Electric/Kick Scooters for Kid/Adult

It has been a rollercoaster ride for electric scooters and electric vehicles in general. For SmooSat, it could not have been more eventful and exciting while bringing top-of-the-line electric scooters for yourself and your loved ones. In this article, we will cover the best gifts for both adults and kids alike when it comes to the most versatile and eco-friendly form of commuting – electric scooters. We will go through colorful and musical offerings such as the SmooSat E9, E9 Pro, E9 Apex, and S8 Kick Scooter for kids and children. At the same time, we will not leave the grown-ups behind and cover amazing gifts such as the SmooSat SA3, SA3 Prime, and the flagship – SmooSat MAX. That said, the best gift is one that offers new experiences and teaches new skills – and SmooSat delivered both in spades in 2022. 

SmooSat E9 Kids Electric Scooter

SmooSat E9 Kids Electric Scooter

SmooSat E9 electric scooter will grow with your kid. The scooter's height is adjustable, and it allows them to transition from non-electric to electric riding, with two-speed modes that max out at 6 and 10 mph, respectively. The battery level is easy to read, with three modes: 100%, 60%, and 20%. The aluminum alloy frame is resistant to compression, is durable, and will last through many happy years of riding. The scooter is powered by a 130-watt brushless motor and can travel for 5 miles on a full charge or up to 60 minutes of consistent use. It is also very special to tackle the challenge of carrying on the go. For being easy to fold and carry, it is a great option if you want to bring it on the road with you.

To top it off, it garnered the esteem of being awarded "The Best Kids e-Scooter" by The Street magazine. Moreover, Popular Mechanics rated the SmooSat E9 as the "Best Overall Kids Scooter in 2022".

SmooSat E9 PRO Kids Electric Scooter

SmooSat E9 PRO Kids Electric Scooter

With its vibrant rainbow light display and adjustable height and speed settings, SmooSat's E9 PRO is perfect for children of all ages, making it a popular gift option and a creator of happy moments for families. The 5-color flashing rainbow LED lights along the deck of the scooter give kids the freedom to switch between different colors and create unforgettable memories, while three adjustable height settings make the E9 PRO suitable for children as small as 3'9" to teens as tall as 5'3". During the ride, kids can quickly move between three speeds — 5mph, eight mph, and ten mph — with a single press of the button and check their battery level and riding speed via the LED display, a first-of-its-kind design on the market. 

One of the most reliable e-automotive platforms - Ride on Electric, presented amazing testing scores for the E9 Pro, which speaks objectively to its quality and reliability. Esteemed publication Gear Brigade gave a rave review of the E9 PRO stating, "On top of its eye-catching appearance and versatile settings, the E9 PRO gives parents greater peace of mind with its safe and durable design." They further elaborated, "The E9 PRO is the first of its kind to be released by Smoosat, an up-and-coming scooter brand that wants to bring the joy of smoothly sliding to everyone. With its genius engineering, a keen eye for design, and sincere customer service, Smoosat provides high-quality and safe products for all members of the family — all at an affordable price."

SmooSat E9 APEX Kid Electric Scooter

SmooSat E9 Apex Kids Electric Scooter

SmooSat E9 APEX Kid Electric Scooter is guaranteed to take your kids away from the screens indoors and off to the outdoors. It is a really great one for kids to embrace the outdoors. At the same time, this is the Lamborghini Centenario of electric scooters with a sleek look and extremely safe. With its musical boom box nature and rainbow-themed deck, it is the perfect one to hit the parks with a kid. Moreover, it is exactly appropriate in the ease of learning category. A clear winner a present for kids/teens during festivities. 

If you are a sustainability proponent, a kid's e-scooter is a wonderful solution for a kid/teen to get motivated to go outside with friends. The best impact, in my view, is the aspect of how it draws away from screens and gets kids to embrace the outdoors. Publications as prestigious as The Miami Herald even put this in their "Safe and Quick Electric Scooters" category. The Miami Herald writes, "You don't have to worry about your kid's safety on this scooter, as it is super durable with an aluminum alloy frame that's compression resistant and long-lasting. Charge it up and ride up to 5 miles or for 40-60 minutes."

SmooSat S8 Kick Scooter

SmooSat S8 Kick Scooter

While the SmooSat S8 Kick Scooter is also an e-scooter at its core, it is for a different audience. With its understated, even-colored look, it is for the youth and even teenagers who prefer an elegant design and would rather opt for a sleek and stylish form over multiple LED colors and batteries. It has its own bag of features as well that make it stand apart in the market. It features 8" PU wheels with a sophisticated bearing (ABEC-9) design to ensure a smooth and easy ride that allows longer range with less effort. The S8 scooter offers more foot room than other scooters with a bigger deck (15.12" x 4.7") and an upgraded rubber anti-slip pedal. It maximizes the comfortability and stability of riding. 

The kick scooter is meant to grow with your kids and teens at every stage of life. It is free to adjust the handlebar height from 32" to 41", depending on your preference. The design is for all ages - kids, teens, and adults. It just needs one step for folding and is equipped with an anti-rattle folding mechanism. It makes the riding journey more convenient and stable. Unique Y-type handlebars: In contrast to the conventional T- type handlebars, it puts the rider's wrists in a natural position when riding, effectively reducing the stress on the arms and wrists. The S8 is a unique offering that is trendy for youngsters in the Prime of their lives.

SmooSat SA3 Adult E-Scooter

SmooSat SA3 Adult Electric Scooter

The last mile determines a successful day of work or one that one would want to forget. This is where the SmooSat SA3 Adult E-Scooter makes its mark. It's hard to beat the $499.97 price tag of the SmooSat SA3 because, for that price, you already get a powerful upgraded 350W motor offering top speeds of up to 15.6 mph or 25 km/h. This is with a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs or 100kg. It can even navigate hills up to a 14-degree angle with a smooth glide – even while carrying a heavy load.

SmooSat SA3 excels in many areas, making it one of the best budget electric scooters in 2022, whether you're an adult or buying it for a younger family member. Its family-friendly, sleek and safe design can carry you up to 20 miles on a single full charge, but make sure you are driving in good road conditions, given that it does not have a turn signal. It has an impressive build quality, and it has a premium body that looks way more expensive than its price tag below $500.

Esteemed Family magazine, Famadillo, wrote in their review, "Overall, the SmooSat SA3 scooter really does have that nice balance. It is light and efficient, and I got it running in no time flat. Some scooters seem to be leaning more towards lower prices or super high-end. This one is really a nice balance of all of the features." International Business Times titled their extremely positive review of the SA3– "Best Electric Scooter For Adults 2022: SmooSat SA3". They went on to say, "It's that last mile that determines whether you make it on time for work or you clock in late – and if you arrive a sweaty mess or in style. Herein lies the beauty of the SmooSat SA3, one of the best electric scooters for adults and teens in 2022."

SA3 Prime Electric Scooter for Adults

SA3 Prime Electric Scooter for Adults

For the majority of city dwellers with their regular destinations within several miles, an electric scooter makes ideal sense in a more sustainable with 2022 in the rearview. As an adult, I fall into the category that prefers an understated yet feature-rich scooter that goes hand in hand with a white-collar life. The SmooSat SA3 Prime is the perfect urban e-scooter. It is the perfect e-scooter for the urban individual to hit the commute with the lowest carbon footprint without making any compromises along the way. Improving upon the best-selling SA3, Prime offers an incredible value with incredible performance. The SA3 Prime is essentially much more than the highly acclaimed SmooSat SA3 (topping Amazon charts on its release) turned up to eleven! The SA3 Prime sits as the top-of-the-line electric scooter from SmooSat for the white-collar individual. 

Off to work or a stroll down the park, the last thing you want is a bumpy ride. When taking it out on Bryant Park in NY, it was a pleasant surprise to see the SA3 Prime with no bumps with its engineering prowess toward the wheels. Sporting a bigger wheel diameter than ever before and upgraded 10-inch non-pneumatic tires (NPT) – the SA3 Prime says goodbye to bumps. For reference, it is magnitudes times more bump-free, stable, and comfortable than the typical 8-inch solid tires. Furthermore, with big, solid, no-air tires, you never have to worry about a flat tire, as has been shown in numerous stress tests of the advantage of NPT tires over air tires as you will never experience punctures. So, the SA3 Prime makes the suaveness of the professional even smoother.

SmooSat MAX Scooter for Adults

SmooSat MAX Electric Scooter for Adults

If SmooSat says "no compromise," it means literally so. The SmooSat MAX Scooter for Adults brings an experience that is unrivaled in power and performance, offering you the ultimate ride. Improving upon the urban counterpart, the MAX comes with a 500W motor making the daunting task of hitting the top speed of 18.6 mph on a 15° hill, even at a maximum load of 264 lbs., just a breeze. This is indeed relentless power worthy of the MAX name. The MAX combines the best of safety and comfort simultaneously. Riders' safety, being SmooSat's priority, takes the front seat as always. Rocking ten solid tires and dual front suspension make it a breeze to glide over rough terrains with utmost safety without a single hiccup. When going gets tough, the tough get going – and the MAX exudes that toughness like a titan. With the MAX, bumpy roads become smooth, effortless, and safe experiences like never before.

With SmooSat's typical yet unprecedented commitment, you get up to eight years of battery life for a hassle-free purchase and subsequent years of peace of mind. It made its gigantic mark by capturing the glorious #1 position in the Best Product Reviews platform by grabbing a whopping score of 9.8!

Concluding Thoughts

By offering safe, durable, thoughtfully engineered electric scooters throughout 2022, SmooSat is immensely proud to have delivered on the promise of sustainable commuting. The best part is, SmooSat's traction in the market has brought incredible value, where now you get top-tier performance without spending an arm and a leg. With a diverse array of electric scooters, they make the perfect and eco-friendly gifts for the new year. 

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