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Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity

Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity - Electric Vehicle(Scooter/Hover Board/Bike) Brand

At SmooSat, we blend the perfect harmony of art and engineering. While offering thoughtful and uncompromising technical prowess in our approach, we approach the design of our scooters to be the paramount aspect of expressing our identity. At the same time, we believe in the perfect amalgamation of our vision and the visual expression of our audience – giving birth to our distinct visual identity. 

From the Aurora Borealis to the Sahara

Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity - Ride Your Style - Electric Vehicle(Scooter/Hover Board/Bike) Brand
Rays of the Aurora Borealis​​

Inspired by the most fantastic visually stunning phenomena like the Aurora Borealis to the curves in the sand of the Sahara, our designs are reflections of the nether realms and the beauty of this world. To us, utility and engineering are only as good as the visual identity that is embraced by our vision amalgamated with the expression of our consumer base. And thus, we mean it when we say, “Ride your style.” We embrace our slogan from the first paintbrush to the last signature of quality control engineering.

Our SmooSat Vision + Your Expression = Perfection

Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity - Ride Your Style - Electric Vehicle(Scooter/Hover Board/Bike) Brand
Streaks of the Sahara​​

“Ride your Style” is not just a combination of three words, nor is it just a slogan. It is a driving force, an energy, a spirit – that drives SmooSat to bring the most stunning yet inspiring designs to all demographics of our audience. 

Starting with Vibrant Rainbow for Kids

Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity - Ride Your Style - Electric Vehicle(Scooter/Hover Board/Bike) Brand
Inspired by rainbow spectrum for kids​​

To realize the spirit to combine our artistic aura and the energetic expression of our younger audience, we tailor our designs for kids not only to be visually stunning to ourselves but also to cherish the vibrance of the younger heart. Consequently, our signature stylistic element of our kids’ scooters has been the rainbow-inspired decks. We captured the fantasy of the skies to the transition of the rain and captured the perfect element of vibrance in the rainbow. Models such as the E9, E9 Pro, and E9 Apex represent this design language. Capturing every spectrum of the color palette, our kids and youth-oriented scooters form an expression of innocence, vibrance, elegance, and playfulness. It defines our artistic expression combined with our love for the purity of our youthful audience.  

Topping off with Understated Elegance for the White-collar Adults

Design Story: SmooSat Brand Visual Identity - Ride Your Style - Electric Vehicle(Scooter/Hover Board/Bike) Brand
Elite elegance for adults​​

Acknowledging the reach of our audience’s demographic, we acknowledge that we are simply not a believer in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our adult scooters take a diametrically different approach in design philosophy from our youth-oriented scooters, showing respect for the individual expression of our users. For the young white-collar professionals, our take on the artistic aura revolves around the understated purity of the elite, with the vibe of professionalism in our single and two-toned aluminum designs with artistically drawn streaks with a stream of fashion. The understated look of our adult line goes for an executive and professional approach that makes it at home in an official setting. Some prime examples of our models from ours are the SA3, SA3 Prime, and the top-of-te-line SmooSat MAX. The look and feelings go hand in hand when a scooter of ours can effectively complement a high-end electric automobile such as a Tesla Model S. This perfectly blends our own vision with the expression of our highly valued adult audience.  

Engineered for Quality of Life, Designed for Quality of Expression

At SmooSat, we pioneer no-compromise scooting experiences with a commitment towards a greener future through state-of-the-art innovations while offering the most fun experience. However, the success of this lies in the intangibles which are defined by our artistic identity. While defining our technology to be smarter, faster, and safer to continuously improve the quality of life, we strive to impart uplifting of the spirit and the freedom of expression through elegance and fashionable imprint of the designs of our scooters. To take it to another level, we have collaborated with top-end studios such as DAQ, the highly acclaimed French studio. Beyond collaborations and artistic expressions, we value the combination that best works with our vision to complement our audience’s innate wonderful spirit of expression.  

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