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Urban Adventure with SmooSat SA3
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Frank Calvi Verified
enjoy the ride, great battery life. can reach 18 mph despite my 240 lbs. not sure it can reach 30 mile distance maybe 25ut then my weight has something to with it. I have not tried riding 30 miles in one stretch, don't think I need to. Scooter has a strong acceleration.
18 days ago
James Blanchard Verified
It gets me around with no problem. It does not handle hills well as my weight 220 slows it down. Not a concern, it goes about 17 mph and thats flying, have a helmet just in case, I really suggest using one. Handle well turning, braking is good and easy to carry and take with you in suv or truck.
1 months ago
AverageJoeGuy Verified
Really fun scooter that isn't overpowering for a small child. The motor provides enough boost to make it fun but still requires just enough occasional pushing to ensure the child can keep control. Great style, unbelievably lightweight (feels like a non-electric scooter when carrying), folds up tiny, the side lighting is very appealing to kids.
2 months ago
Dominique Dejournette Verified
My son got it for Christmas and although he can't ride it outside yet because we have like 8 inches of snow, but I have been letting him ride it in the hallway of our apartment. It's quiet, smooth and the lights are really cool too. So far so good!
1 months ago
BreeAnn Verified
This is actually our second scooter purchased. We purchased the first for my daughter for a gift and I ended up having to get one for myself! It’s easy to use, runs pretty well, and charges in reasonable amount of time. Folds up nicely so Definitely good for travel and camping trips!
1 months ago
Jim Decker Verified
The price point is great considering the top speed and range for the MAX scooter.I got it because of the solid tires withoutattention to how solid they are.
2 months ago